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Core Educational Values

and Beliefs

His Vision for CFB: Issues
Choir Class

Maintaining High Quality, Comprehensive Programs

  • Expand student choice by providing a range of academic and extracurricular options to meet the needs of all students and help them discover and develop their talents.

  • Set the district apart from its competition by providing quality programs that prepare students for success as productive, responsible citizens.

Promoting Safe, Inclusive Learning Environments

  • Make inclusivity a priority by cultivating practices that promote acceptance and equity so that every student feels welcomed.

  • Prioritize practices that build student social-emotional competency and lead to greater success in and out of the classroom.

  • Implement best in class security, preparedness and crisis response programs so that every student feels safe, both physically and emotionally.


School Bus & Children
Teacher with Pupils

Cultivating a Positive Professional Culture

  • Recruit, develop and retain the best educators by offering competitive benefit packages and building a climate of collaboration and trust.

  • Advance excellence in instruction and leadership quality to create a strong, supportive learning environment for students to thrive and achieve.

Increasing Student and Parent Engagement

  • Elevate student voice and increase student engagement in schools by creating practices/systems that empower student expression on issues of interest and importance to them. This enriches the learning experience, makes students feel valued and prepares them to be well-informed leaders/influencers in society.

  • Engage parents in powerful partnerships by cultivating practices that encourage educators and parents to communicate regularly about their child’s progress and educational plan. Powerful partnerships increase both student achievement and parent satisfaction.

Classmates in the Library

Cast 2 Votes on (or before) Nov 3!

The cumulative voting method will be used to fill the two open CFBISD School Board seats in the 2020 election. This means each voter may cast two votes. Les is asking for one or both of yours!

Early Voting:  Tues, Oct 13 - Fri, Oct 30

Vote by Mail Ballot Request Deadline:  Fri, Oct 23

Election Day:  Tues, Nov 3

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